Dukes Cast Information

Calling all Dukes!!!

Stars that will be on hand at the Cajun Country Jam!

All stars will start signing at 10:30am on Saturday July 1st at the CCJ at Lamar Dixon Expo Center!

  1. Mayf Nutter aka bad guy who stole the Presidential Limo from Cooter in “Limo One is Missing”.  He is also Country Music Legend who’s song “Gone Skinny Dippin” was used to pitch the Dukes of Hazzard to the executives. and to top it off he was also on the hit show Gun Smoke
  2. Lindsay Bloom aka Boss Hogg ‘s cousin Maybelle the Operator at Hazzard County Telegraph & Telephone
  3. Everyone’s favorite Duke “Daisy Duke Catherine Bach”
  4. Rick Hurst aka : Cletus Hogg

Plus see The General Lee & All your Hazzard county Replica Cars from the TV show!