Frequently Asked Questions
1. Gates open at 9am (FREE PARKING)
2. Dukes of hazzard & other TV stars will starting
    Signing autographs at 10am
3. YES Stars charge a small fee for there autograph
4. Wristbands to ride endless rides are only $20
5. Children 3 & under get in FREE!
   However if your child plans on riding rides?
   It will cost $20 for a wrist band!
6. NO reserve ,seating it’s all bleacher seats
    unless you buy a vip table seat for a $100
    get those by emailing scottinnes1015@hotmail.com
7. Tickets are only $25 advance but will be $35 day of!
8. NO Coolers,allowed this includes Food & beverage of
    any kind! We will have plenty on hand!
9. YES Beer will be sold!
10. Yes we will have ATM Machines
11. Yes we have plenty of Handicapped Parking & are wheel
      chair friendly inside the venue!
12. No folding chairs of any kind allowed!
13. NO pets!
14. The final act “Clay Walker” won’t end untill around 11pm
15. will the concert be in doors? YES!
16. Is it Air conditioned ? NO!
17. Will it be hot? Yes very!!! We do have HUGE Cealing Fans but
      it will still be hot!
18 Can we leave & come back or go to car to get something?
     YES Once you enter you will be given a Wristband that will let you
     come & go.
19. Will security be on hand Yes!
20. Does my $25 advance Concert ticket $35 at the gate include the Rides?  YES!!!